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Step 1

Initial Consultation with Dr Tom Donnelly

Your first dental implant consultation visit will be with specialist Dr Donnelly and will last for approximately 1 hour. Our studio is based in Banbury. At this appointment, he will examine your teeth and gums and discuss with you how exactly you would like to improve your smile. Xrays may be taken and this will allow him to display your current situation and explain what can be achieved. He likes to fully understand what your expectations are and he will explain to you what is possible in your situation.

If your smile improvement is straightforward he will be able to give you costings at this visit.

Step 2


Dr Donnelly usually takes a CT Scan as this provides detailed information about your smile and teeth positioning. This scan allows him to accurately assess the bone you have in your jaws and to see the exact space and measurements for where the proposed implant/s are to be placed. The Scan takes approximately 15 seconds and you will see the result immediately. At this point he will provide you with detailed information about what he can see.

Step 3

Treatment planning

Dr Donnelly will spend time studying your scan and study models to accurately assess what your options are for treatment. He will also create your individual plan so that you can see the different ways your gaps can be closed. There are often several options and he will prepare costs for you to consider. Due to the complexity of this preparation, we leave 2 weeks to be able to form his professional opinions so that you can be assured that the options offered are suitable for you.

Step 4

Appointment to discuss your options

Dr Donnelly will spend time with you to show you your CT Scan and inform you of where the implants will be placed. With that knowledge, you can discuss with him the options he has proposed. He will talk you through the procedure and how long the treatment will take. When you have decided on the best way for you, we can give you an appointment schedule with costings so that you are fully aware of the timescale.

There is always the option to discuss treatment further with Marie – Tom’s Implant Nurse who will spend time with you to answer any queries you may have after this appointment.

Step 5

Treatment starts

Decisions made – now we start to create your new smile!

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