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The Quest for the Perfect Smile

Thursday June 13th, 2019, Grace Jalowiecka

There has been an almighty serge in cosmetic dentistry over the last 10 years as people look to the procedures and solutions that will bring about the perfect smile. Dental implants are at the forefront of this, having been proven as the most complete form of cosmetic dentistry available to patients.


Just How In Demand Are Cosmetic Practices?

The most common enquiries to the Dental Helpline have been about dental implants, veneers, crowns, and dentures over the last year. According to the Oral Health Foundation,They have made up more than one in seven (15%) questions to the Dental Helpline over the last 12 months.” The Dental Helpline also saw a 50% increase in traffic to its pages concerning cosmetic procedure enquiries.

With tooth loss figures rising and a third of Britons admitting that they’ve never been to see a hygienist, it comes as no surprise that dental implant treatment and other cosmetic treatments are becoming more sought after. Our lead implantologist, Dr.Tom Donnelly set up The Implant Studio having witnessed a sustained spike in demand for dental implants in Banbury.


Linking Cosmetic Dentistry to Enquiry Figures

Enquiries regarding the dental implant procedure and veneers have risen by 33% over the last decade in the UK, as patients seek the ideal smile and a long term solution for tooth loss. The rise of cosmetic dentistry is synonymous with people identifying themselves as consumers of a service, rather than a patient visiting a dental clinic to address structural issues.

It’s no secret that the majority of people have some reservations about visiting their dentist. In fact, a 2018 study undertaken by Bupa Dental Care, revealed that over 2 million UK adults haven’t been to their dentist in two years. Many choose to ignore tooth pain, with pain killers providing the predominant form of relief, although a trip to the dentist may seem all the more appealing if the results are linked to appearance.


The Role of Modern Day Influences

banbury dental implants

Currently, the cosmetic industry is estimated to be worth about £2.2bn and it’s expected to grow a further 8% by 2021, as reported by Dentistry.co.uk. Celebrities’ promotion of pristine, faultless teeth across social channels is undoubtedly a leading factor in the upsurge, but who doesn’t want to know their teeth look as good as possible? After all, it is naturally one of the first facial aspects that our eye wanders to upon setting eyes on someone.


Dental Implants vs. Other Cosmetic Treatments

Other cosmetic solutions such as dentures and veneers hold the same principle objective, to enhance the appearance of your teeth and smile. Yet, while these cosmetic dental solutions also share other benefits – improving comfort and confidence whilst eating for example – dental implants have some key outstanding advantages.

They are proven to be the best long term solution to single or multiple tooth loss and, with sufficient care, can last a lifetime. Dental implants also act as natural teeth and therefore will always facilitate natural speech.


Find the Perfect Smile with The Implant Studio

Our dental implants Oxfordshire specialists have witnessed substantial transformations in patients. People enter our practice tentatively conscious of the gaps in their smile yet, following the dental implant treatment procedure, they leave completely reinvigorated with their new found confidence.

Regardless of whether you need several dental implants or just a singular implant to fill the void left by a missing tooth, we have the solution. Contact The Implant Studio on 01295 262008 or visit our website to arrange an appointment with our esteemed implantologists.  

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