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Smile Proudly! Majority of Brits Conscious of Teeth

Tuesday October 1st, 2019, Billy Rooney

A recent study has unceremoniously revealed that most Brits are conscious of their teeth. This shouldn’t be the case and that your smile should be a celebration of your expression and happiness. For those who are conscious of their smile as a result of missing teeth, our dental implants in Oxfordshire can solve the issue altogether.

There’s a typical perception that us Brits have bad, unattractive teeth and it seems that this notion is reflected in the consciousness of most study participants. However, we encourage anyone suffering from tooth loss to help banish that view by considering our dental implant services. The study was undertaken by the Oral Health Foundation and drew on responses from participants right across the nation. 

Confidence With Dental Implants in Oxfordshire 

It is not uncommon for people in Britain to be missing multiple teeth and, when a smile is shown, these gaps become apparent. Addressing the issues with our dental implants in Oxfordshire addresses both the literal gaps in teeth formation and the holes in smile confidence. Our team of implantologists, fronted by our esteemed and adept Principle Dentist, Dr Tom Donnelly, apply their expertise to ensure a long-lasting solution to tooth loss. Not only does our treatment immediately restore aesthetic confidence, but reverberating remarks from our portfolio of happy patients also gives people peace of mind that it is a lasting, cost-effective solution. 

What are the Facts & Figures?

The Oral Health Foundation’s study shows that, in total, 51% of adults in Britain are anxious about the appearance of their smile, with tv programmes and social media pinned as the leading contributors to personal insecurity over our smile. The research study found that 31% of participants were made to feel uncomfortable about their teeth and smile by content shown on either social media or television. The findings from the study also outlined other causes of people feeling insecure about their smile:

  • 17% of people were the recipients of negative comments on their smile, from family members!
  • 14% of participants said that they had been on the receiving end of bad comments on their teeth from partners.
  • 13% had received negative comments on their smile from close friends.
  • 9% of people had received comments from work colleagues.
  • Of the people that were questioned across the UK, 10% said they had received negative comments about their teeth from people they don’t know. 
  • Just 29% of participants said they would pose for a photo with an open mouth smile. 

Smiles Are Signs of Trust, Companionship & Acceptability


smile dentist in oxfordshire

It’s not just our professional team of Banbury dental implants providers that see our smiles as a pillar of communication, confidence and credence, as the Chief Executive of the Oral Health Organisation reinforces in his comments of the study. 

Dr. Nigel Carter OBE stated, as reported by the Oral Health Organisation: “It often gets overlooked but having the confidence to smile plays such an important role in our everyday life.  A smile communicates a sign of friendship, trust and acceptability. It also has a significant impact on our relationships, careers and social life. Sadly, too many of us hide our smiles because we feel uncomfortable with its appearance.

“A smile represents feelings of happiness and joy.  This is something to be cherished, and not be made to feel anxious about. Owning a beautiful smile is about more than aesthetics. Having a clean mouth, strong teeth and healthy gums are so much more important than the colour or shape of our teeth.

Smile Proudly With Oxfordshire Dental Implants

We firmly believe that no one should have to think twice about showing their smile and the naturality of those moments shouldn’t be deducted by a consciousness of our appearance. Our established and dedicated Oxfordshire dental implants team are here to do what they do best and restore complete confidence in your smile, if you are missing any teeth at all. Contact us to discuss the issue in greater detail and to book a dental implant appointment with our implantologists.

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