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Some Travelling 70 Miles For Dental Care

Wednesday February 7th, 2018, The Implant Studio

It has been reported that some within our country are having to travel 70 miles to see a dentist. This isn’t because there aren’t any near them, however. Rather, it is due to a hiring crisis within the NHS, which is partly down to budget nightmares. Out of 2,500 dentist practices within the UK, half weren’t accepting new clients and two-fifths weren’t seeing children patients.

It has been said that we are on the verge of a ‘crisis’. A charity set up to provide dental care to those in need – developing countries and poverty-ridden areas of developed countries – has said our situation has become an ‘international embarrassment’; they’ve gone about now helping those within these anglo lands, setting up their first free clinic in West Yorkshire two years ago.

We by no means mean to lambaste the NHS, though. The NHS is a brilliant idea, organisation, philosophy, however, you wish to see it, the NHS is brilliant. There’s no denying that. There are, however, obvious benefits to beseeching private care over NHS care.

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Like for example

A Quick Appointment

As seen above, with the NHS you may have to wait or travel a fair bit to get an appointment. Such isn’t the case with us. As a private client, you can come across the need for an appointment and have it one the next day, perhaps even the same day on some occasions.

All you have to do is either use our online appointment service, give us a call, or swing by. Either way, suits us.

Level of care

Our ethos is that every client is deserving of time, care, skill, and professionalism. Through these four concepts, we deliver a hard-to-beat service. Often our clients stay with us for years. We like to call it The Implant Studio experience.

We have spent years perfecting this remedy; years of working within the industry. We know each client type – their qualms and anxieties – and how to serve them the best way possible.

There’s A Calm Environment With This Banbury Dentist

With us, you’ll feel calm and ready. Your tooth replacement won’t be nearly as daunting as you expected. Whether it’s a cup of tea, a light-hearted joke, or a comforting anecdote, we’ll know how to make you feel as comfortable as possible during the process of your dental care.

The Implant Studio

Our goal is to ensure all those looking for a Banbury dentist never have to experience fear, nerves, or anxieties. We want it to be an experience you consider smooth and simple. You need some care. Boom. Two days later you’ve received your care and your smile is back to its natural A-game.

If you’d like to hear this from us, give us a call, we’re always delighted to speak to our customers.

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