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Misconceptions About Dental Implant Treatment

Saturday July 13th, 2019, Billy Rooney

There’s a set of common misconceptions attached to dental implant treatment that we are going to shatter once and for all! If you’re thinking about getting dental implants in Oxfordshire, take on board all the necessary information right here, from our professional and experienced implantologists. 

As we look at commonplace misapprehension, there is a long list of reasons why you may require dental implants in Banbury. Poor oral hygiene over a period of time is the leading cause of tooth loss however, you may also lose teeth playing a physical contact sport, by falling off a bike, or simply falling over. 

Dental Implants are Easy to Notice

As well as being similar to natural teeth in their functionality, dental implants are extremely similar to natural teeth, both in terms of size and colour. During your initial dental implant consultation, we take an impression of your teeth. Next, a fitted replacement crown is made to slot perfectly in the gap left by the missing tooth. Only our Banbury dental implants specialists will know that it’s there! 

Dental Implants are Too Costly

The cost of dental implants has decreased considerably in recent years. They can be looked at as more of an investment than a purchase, as the treatment essentially restores your oral health and gives you the platform to enjoy a rounded lifestyle with your new complete set of teeth. Dental implants are a great long term solution to tooth loss so, considering the relative costs of alternative treatments, they are a highly cost-effective solution. Head to our dental implant treatment costs page for more information. 

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Dental Implants are for Older People

Despite dental implants being a leading solution for patients who lose teeth over time, the older generation aren’t the only suitable candidates. In fact, anyone suffering from gum disease, which leads to single or multiple tooth loss, is eligible for dental implants, regardless of age. 

World Health Organization indicate just how prevalent gum disease is and therefore how viable dental implants are as a solution for people of all ages. Back in 2016, they reported that “Severe periodontal (gum) disease, which may result in tooth loss, was estimated to be the 11th most prevalent disease globally.” With the increase in levels of sugar in food and drink between then and now, the issue is just as – if not more – prominent nowadays. 

Dental Implant Treatment is Painful

The placement of an implant is always carried out under local anesthetic and is usually completed within an hour, therefore you’ll experience little discomfort throughout the treatment. Even when the local anesthetic wears off, patients experience very little pain or discomfort. 

We constantly ask patients for their feedback, and the overwhelming majority agree that they’re surprised at how pain-free the procedure is, especially in the immediate stages after the procedure. The dental implant treatment is no more painful than having a cavity filled. 

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