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Halloween Sweet Treats: Taking Care of Your Teeth

Friday September 28th, 2018, The Implant Studio

Halloween, while tons of fun for children, can be a parent (and a dentist’s) worst nightmare. Bucket loads of confectionary, costumes and carved out pumpkins make for a truly spectacular night, but the aftermath of ‘trick-or-treating’ on your kid’s teeth can be worse than you think.

Dentists worldwide are concerned about the consequences of eating too many sweets, with festive events such as Halloween, Christmas and New Year being prime times for purchasing candied, sugary goods. Speaking to the BBC, Professor Nigel Hunt, dean of faculty of dental surgery at The Royal College of Surgeons stated: “We want to help parents make sensible decisions about letting their children eat sweets at Halloween and all year round.”


At The Implant Studio, we know all too well the impact of eating too many sweets can have on one’s teeth and gums over time, leading to possible dental implant treatment. To help you avoid an unnecessary trip to your local dentist, we have put together a guide to keeping your teeth healthy during the spookiest night of the year!

Which confectionary should I avoid?

Of course, we don’t want to ruin anyone’s Halloween fun! And if you and your family are going to eat a few sweets, be sure to choose them wisely. Chewy or sticky sweets like starburst, caramels and fudge are the worst for your children’s teeth – not only this, but they can also get lodged in between the spaces in their mouths. These sweets do significant damage to teeth – remember, it only takes 24-36 hours for cavities to form.

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Tips to help keep your children’s teeth healthy on Halloween

If your children are given confectionery (sweets, chocolate, crisps, etc) on Halloween, try to encourage them not to eat them all straight away – having them as a treat after a meal, or limiting them to one/two a day will reduce the impact on their teeth.

Help by offering alternative treats to sweets – this might include sugar-free gum, stickers, balloons, healthy snacks, or even, our favourite, mini toothpastes to motivate them to get brushing when they arrive home!

When you give children treats, think about handing out one or two, rather than a whole bag of sweets. For example, a couple of mini eggs or a few gummy bears is far better than a whole packet.

Give your child water to take out with them – they should have something other than sugary drinks around.

Making sure you rinse, spit, brush and floss before going to bed is a sure-fire way to prevent nasty dental complications such as cavities, gum disease and tooth decay. Remember to rinse and spit water first as brushing teeth before doing so can scrub leftover sugar particles into the enamel.

Have a good check on your children’s teeth before they go to bed – see if you can notice any left-over sweets in between teeth.

How The Implant Studio can help

After the frightening festivities are over, you may want to book a check-up with your local dentist in Banbury, or other local dental practice. Perhaps you are overdue a six-month check-up, or you would like to take your children for a review after their sweet-eating escapades? Either way, it is important to have consistent appointments booked in with your local dentist to ensure teeth and gums are healthy, and to avoid oral health problems in the future.

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